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How Much Time do We Have?

Posted on 23 Jan 2016 0 comments

The “Super Bread Dough” Thought Experiment
Imagine a kind of bread dough, which grows very quickly because it is made from dough containing ’super yeast’. Imagine you are in a locked room from which the only escape is through a window, high up, near the ceiling, but you are not tall enough to reach it. Then, a very small lump of this super bread dough is placed into the room and it starts rising until the room is completely full and you are suffocated. Your only chance of escape is to stand on top of the bread dough while it rises, but you can only reach the window when the dough has risen half way up the room.

Supposing the bread dough doubles in size every second and it takes 5 minutes for the dough to rise and totally fill the room, how much time do you have to escape after you can reach the window?

Think a little before seeing the answer...

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